MID JANUARY UPDATE – let’s do this more often…


Happy New Year!!!
Many reading this are probably already sick to death of that phrase as it was SO two weeks ago. whatever.

The last couple of weeks have been great because I have been able to hangout with some friends that I haven’t spoken to in a long time. These reunions are great because it seems we just fall into a comfort zone – like no time has passed. Well that’s until something is mentioned and the convo stops. “Were you there for that?” The answer is bittersweet because you hear the story, but it comes crashing back that you haven’t seen that person in ages.

In the next couple of weeks is the anniversary of my #1, my first best friend’s death. One of my biggest’s regrets is that there were a good 5 years worth of time where we didn’t talk. Not to say that either of us did somethig wrong, but we just didn’t call each other. I would complain about how it was only me calling him and eventually I stopped.

I did see him prior to his passing, but those 5 years could have had even more memories of hanging out and chilling.

We can’t control the past. What we have done, what has been done. But, lets try our best to shape the future with the present.

“Let’s hang out more often friend!”


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30-something geek who lives, loves and is loco. Forget YOLO, it is all about BOLO!
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2 Responses to MID JANUARY UPDATE – let’s do this more often…

  1. Kevin Kelly says:

    Definitely well said there, friend. My condolences on your loss.

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