Fan Appreciation: Scott Pilgrim


I was determined to get a good start to my day off work so I got up early and headed off downtown. Unfortunately some difficulty came my way; I misread the GO Transit schedule and instead of going down to Union Station and ended up on the York Mills bus. I ended getting in line at 9am with about 30 so odd folks in front of us.

The reason I was downtown was for a special signing to commemorate the upcoming release of Scott Pilgrim Vs The World on DVD and BluRay. The director, Edgar Wright; actress, Ellen Wong; and author of the books, Brian Lee O’Malley were on hand for an autograph session. In addition to this Universal Pictures, The Beguiling, Bloor Cinema and HMV Canada put together a FREE FAN SCREENING of the movie that same night. The screening is a FIRST COME FIRST SERVED situation, but the first 75 folks in line for the HMV signing would get double passes to the screening that night.

Now I was gunning to get downtown as early as possible, and mixing up the buses didn’t help the situation. Looking back I cannot complain due to the fine folks I shared the line with. So Ms_The_Monarch, Johnny, Alex and Tam; Cheers for the goodtime and company!

So I got the autographs, but was left with  lot of free time and a bunch of us went on a most excellent adventure filled with shopping mall food courts and tattoo parlors . None of the details I will mention here. Got into the theatre and met-up with some friends: Kevin, Gil and enjoyed the night as I saw the movie again, still awesome; the making of the flick, extremely informative and Q&A session which gives me hope that there will be an official release of the unreleased Sex Bob-Omb songs and Brie Larson’s version of Black Sheep.

I ended the night with an awesome ‘Plumbtree’ shirt, good memories and a missing bankcard. Two out of three isn’t bad.


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3 Responses to Fan Appreciation: Scott Pilgrim

  1. Johnny Fry says:

    I had an awesome time, we should totally hang out and play video games sometime.

  2. Tam says:

    Ahaha, I don’t remember why I covered my face in the last picture. Probably because my inner Patel loathes child facsimiles of Scott and Ramona XD.

    Good times and great pictures. T’was great meeting ya. 🙂

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