In Brantford / Thursday Recap



So the buds and I have gathered up our things and have head out to Brantford as we will be participating in the Walter Gretzsky Street Hockey Tournament.

Upon arriving, we were greeted by our teammates and fellow ViewAskew Hockey League members at our predetermined hotel for the tournament. The hotel is a lot better than he reviews indicated and the service has been stellar. The first night featured some debauchery with drinks (not by me) and karaoke (by me and others). I ‘performed’ Wild Wild West by Will Smith, Kyle’s Mom Is A Hitch by Eric Cartman, Party All The Time by Eddie Murphy, Rock With You by Michael Jackson, Power Of Love by Huewy Lewis And The News and lastly You Get What You Give by New Radicals.

This morning we had a excellent breakfast provided by the hotel and went off to hockey practice. I handled the ball a lot better, but my shooting still has no power behind it. Chris got hit with a snapshot to the head, but he is a trooper and shook it off. I believe in my team and I think we will surprise some folks come tomorrow.

Tonight we will he watch the V. A. G. (View Askew Girls) vs Kevin Smith and Co.’s Puck U.

For viewing pleasure the FUNPLOYEES jersey!


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