General Update – June/July Catch-up Post

Well I did get a new phone, the awesome HTC Dream, which is what I am using to make this blog update. I preferred the “Dream” rather than its sister phone “Magic” because of the physical keyboard option. I believe that touch screen keyboards still need work. With the HTC Dream, I would have the option of using both.

Unfortunately Rogers decided to remove that option to distinguish the two HTC models. Thankfully the phones run on the Android OS that Google jaws created which has a lot of flexibility in terms of what a user can do with their phone. One of the things that it has allowed me to do is put the touch screen functionality back in. Go Android.

Also, during myself imposed blog exile, I had the chance to experience Transformers 2 in IMAX. Now I use the term ‘experience’ because people do not use the term ‘watched’ when describing their involvement of a situation when they are on the pain recieving side of torture. The movie is Dog-Poo Deluxe. Right now it is. Tied with Dragon Ball: Evolution as the worst film I have seen this year.

San Diego ComicCon is almost here and once again, I’m all set to go. This time my cash flow will be a lot smaller and the low Canadian dollar is not helping much. I’ll find away to make it work… have to have faith.

Until next post.


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30-something geek who lives, loves and is loco. Forget YOLO, it is all about BOLO!
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