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Picture of Shirt that says I Survived Homelessness in Alaska

Picture of Shirt that says "I Survived Homelessness in Alaska"

Nothing is more annoying then meeting up with like minded individuals exchange information and then when you sit down at your computer to connect and you then realize that you plugged in the information wrong. – DANG – http://www.dbranhart.ca, doesn’t seem to work dude. Hopefully you see this blog posting and send me a shout so we can correspond. Anyways I haven’t really blogged in a bit and seeing how I am currently too lazy to make my own site and design I have thanklessly borrowed one of the premade ones that WordPress.com provides. Currently my headspace is preoccupied with work and upcoming events. Despite that I’m going to try and talk about the past (of course in no particular order 😉 ).

Click to see me talking about AnimeNorth, Topanga and HD-DVDs


Once again I find going to conventions out of habit. Sure, I do enjoy myself when I’m there but its a type of enjoyment that I can create outside of a convention atmosphere. The ‘fun’ that I get consists of:

  • Meeting up with friends whom I seem to only get in contact with AT conventions. This is the easiest to solve as I could just meet up outside of the con. That being said, trying to arrange such a meet-up always tends to be easier said then done.
  • Playing video games. I do this at home, so what is the problem? I find as of late I’ve been playing more by myself. Especially games that are most enjoyed with a partner. I am going to be playing in an NHL09 league soon… so that will change.
  • Being on panels. This is fun most of the time. Sometimes I get to be on a panel where I am enjoying the verbal intercourse between the panelists, the attendees and myself. Although I have been making some bad decisions as to which panels to join up with. There are times I am fairly confident in my knowledge concerning the subject the panel and then I show up and either am proven wrong (in the cases of Utena and Sailor Moon – where the detail of knowledge was well below what was required) or had a misconception as to what the subject was about (Comics for Dummies – I thought I was introducing people to comics, whereas the audience thought I was teaching them how to MAKE comics). This year it was a mix bag. None of the panels I was on where terrible, but only in one did I feel I was a contributing member of the panelist line up. That Gem of a panel was ‘The Random Discussion’ Panel (which has its own website: http://www.PowerTaser.com/ ). Interestingly enough, one of the panelists graduated from my High School. I was also astonished that I assumed he was older than I and was proven very wrong.
Half of the cast of the Random Discussion Panel

Half of the cast of the Random Discussion Panel

Later Saturday night a bunch of us hit the nearby Jack Astors and continued randomly discussing over drinks and bugers. A Good time was had by all. Geez, there was this girl who looked just like Topanga from BoyMeets Workd (Season 3 Topanga, mind you). Now people might ask: “Why do you say she looks like Season 3 Topanga?” Simply in season 4 they really did their best to make Topanga into a ‘typical teen’ as opposed to the ecentric hippie she was prior. The change really occurred in Season 4 Episode 2’s ‘Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow‘. You’ll understand if you saw the episode. The photo in my flickr doesn’t do the resemblance justice.

Cast and Crew of Alfred Lebop

Cast and Crew of Alfred Lebop

I did get to see a super cool Cowboy Bebop fanfilm called ‘Alfred Lebop’ (the trailer can be found here and the website here).That is really all I need to comment about AnimeNorth 2009, because that best exemplifies my participation in the cons proceedings. I was barely there in truth. Polaris, I hope will be vastly different and I plan to be all up in that muth (how do you spell that term?)


I’ve been beefing up my HD-DVD collection and have hit over 100 titles. You can see the list at http://thepuffytaco.dvdaf.com/owned I’ve been purchasing a lot through the great folks at INetVideo.com and the resent 4/$20 sale at HMV.

I’ll probably talk about my thoughts concerning E3 in my next entry. Looks like a bunch of stuff to rape and pillage my savings.



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